Tuesday, 4 January 2011

First short walk of the year

We didn’t manage to break out on New Years Day, but Sunday saw us beetling off to Glenmore for a short walk around Loch Morlich. I had planned a five and a half mile circuit of the loch, but in reality, those of us who don’t have any Kahtoola Microspikes were finding it very slow going, so the route was shortened to around four miles.

SDC11092 Magic

It was a grey day and quite chilly, around freezing all day with the odd lonely snowflake floating down, but there was now wind to speak of so it only felt cold if you stood around too long not doing much, (which the one of us with Microspikes did from time to time.)

I had expected the track to be compacted snow, as it was, because this is an extremely popular area to enjoy a little winter sports, cross country skiing and the like, or even just to enjoy the view whilst taking the dog for a stroll.

SDC11088I stood on a small mound, just so I didn’t feel so short!

SDC11089The frozen loch, looking west(ish)

We still managed to stop for a snack en route, a few sandwiches were consumed and some experimental trail mix was nibbled. Ciara wasn’t impressed with salty Smarties, but the boys, well, they eat anything, don’t they?!

SDC11090   Why odd gaiters? No idea, he likes odd socks too

SDC11091 North(ish) towards my favourite corbett on the right, Meall a’ Bhuachaille

There were lots of people around and some were even brave/stupid enough to make their way across the loch. We stuck to the path.

We even had time to pop into the cafe at the end of the walk for a hot chocolate, but it was getting too dark by this time to enjoy watching the local bird or squirrel population and too early for the pine martin to put in an appearance, so we supped up and crossed the road back to the car.

A nice little stroll, making on average two miles an hour, obviously slowed by the conditions. I was glad of all my merino (MIMF) layers, I didn’t get too chilly whilst waiting for less well equipped members to catch up.

Total Falls

Aedan 1

Conall 2

Ciara 4 (bless her, just like her mother!)


Janet Donnelly said...

I attempted a walk up Ben Aigan the same day - should have had a bobsleigh instead. No spikes so I didn't get far - I decided that I need both my ankles on a daily basis.

Louise said...

Hi Janet!
I got my microspikes last winter during those long months of frozen wastelands up here and they are invaluable. There's nothing worse than being trapped the wrong side of the doorstep because of a few inches of ice on an otherwise glorious day!