Friday, 3 September 2010

I've been a busy girl

See, the children have been back at school nearly three weeks now, so I've had time to amuse myself doing 'stuff'.

Stuff like walking. Admittedly, this has been more of the functional type than an ambling pleasure. By functional, I mean maintaining a brisk pace over a relatively short distance (3-6 miles, depending on time constraints) five days a week. Brisk enough to break into a glow, (I'm a lady) raise my heart rate and make me breathe harder, but still be able to talk. Although I tend no to do this, it can be a bit one-sided and can attract attention to myself... Just enough to raise my fitness levels before I head further  and longer off the beaten track and slow down.

I've also started my next short course with the OU, Neighbourhood Nature. I need to read a bit (easy) and take photographs of my observations to post with IDs on the iSpot website (hate that bit), but it's a bit time consuming so I try to keep my fitness and study separate. Except for this little treat:

Oh yes, I was osprey watching on Tuesday whilst on my route march and it made my day!

On top of that has been the mundane, everyday, boring, ordinary 'stuff' of being a 'housewife'. I'm not good at this bit. Cleaning does not fill me with joy, nor does doing the washing, although once I've put the ironing board up, I don't mind mindless ironing in front of some easy viewing ont' telly.

Tomorrow is a girly walk. It's a week late, but these things happen. I 've no idea where we're going, Angela conveniently forgot to put my new email address on the walking list, hmph, but I know where and when to meet them, they can run, but they can't hide! I just won't have an appropriate map. My pack will be lighter!

And on Sunday, to celebrate David posting his Summer School assignment and becoming part of the family again, albeit briefly, we're going to Landmark at Carrbridge. Deep joy.

I'll be giving the high wires a miss this time.

I hope.

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