Monday, 4 January 2010

Getting ridiculous now

This snow business is getting a little silly now. I’m glad it didn’t all fall in one go, it would have been quite deep and tricky, but in dribs and drabs with a mix of thaw, hard frost, rain, hail, snow again, it’s just getting out of hand. Ciara and I had planned to walk everyday of the holidays, they're back to school on Thursday, (Thursday, I ask you, what’s that all about?!) and we’ve been for one stroll together and I walked home from Tesco, alone. I suppose the children did go sledging a couple of times and out to build snowmen etc., but Ciara’s ‘cuddle’ is beginning to take over. We need to take ‘cuddle’ in hand and soon!

I don’t think I can remember conditions quite like this, I really should invest in some sort of crampons. The cold itself wouldn’t put me off walking for so long, it’s the absolute knowledge that I would not stay upright beyond the doorstep and even that’s a bit tricky. Still, at least I’m quite reasonably padded at the moment, that should lend protection…

I’ve got to get out there.



Phreerunner said...

It's a long time since I donned crampons to get around in Manchester, but I'm not the only one doing that just now!
Looking out of the window tonight, it could be snow shoes tomorrow. That would be a 'first'!
The Kahtoolas that Gayle got for Xmas would possibly be a good purchase for you?

Louise said...

Martin, I think you might be right! I've been doing a little surfing on tinternet since I read Gayles post, I thought they might be useful for my mum too as she likes to walk down into town everyday, but I'm having a little difficulty sourcing them. As this freeze is set to perservere, so will I!

You will post piccies if you resort to the snow shoes won't you?! My eldest son's been watching too much Ray Mears, he wants to make his own.

Phreerunner said...

It's unlikely that we'll need snowshoes here just now - we got 6 inches of snow last night, but someone has used a child on a plastic sledge to compact the canal towpath beautifully!
Our snowshoe pictures from last year are here:

Louise said...

I've found some Kahtoolas and ordered them, yey! Must admit, I've got a bit carried away with the online shopping this morning and it's not all gear, some of it's girly, oh no!

Cabin fever setting in...

Off to look at your snowshoe pics, just out of curiosity.