Saturday, 31 October 2009

We’re not in

We’re out.

I don't do Hallowe'en, at least, not in what appears to be the popular way, because I'm not American. I don't mean to be controversial, but there it is. We don't do 'Trick or Treat'. My children have never dressed up and knocked on doors, I never did as a child, (long time ago, I know) and I put a polite but to the point sign on the door saying we don't.

Somehow, I always get persuaded by my girls for them to have friends round, dress up, bob for apples and have slightly odd food. Nobody needs to know what goes on behind closed doors...10 31 09_0351_copy-1Brain Balls and Witches Fingers

I prefer something a little more up market myself and a nice G & T with ice and lime to start. Ahh, must be a Saturday.


Phreerunner said...

But are you IN?

Louise said...

Everyone else appears to have heard. We have not.

My nerves are frayed to their very edges.

Congrats by the way!