Sunday, 19 April 2009

Nice walk

The group I'm doing the sponsored walk with in June went for another stroll yesterday. It was near Dunphail and was 16.3 miles, 4 hours 28 mins walking, 1 hour 11 mins stops (vast improvement...) 780 feet ascent, 3.1 mph average. All went rather well, thoroughly enjoyed the company, there was a larger than usual group, twelve of us most of the time although one joined late and left early and another pair started with us and took a short cut. Ended in a rather civilised fashion sitting around a huge bench in Bab's back garden with tea, coffee and fresh scones with strawberry jam. Lush. Gluteus Maximus was complaining a bit this morning from scrambling up the side of the viaduct, but apart from that, not bad at all.

All in all, an extremely enjoyable day. I'll post the group photograph as soon as I can find the leads for the camera.
Found them!

From the left Delilah (Derek), Roseanne, Alison, Alfie, the back of Veerla's head, Angela, Sally, Judith, Babs's dog I've forgotten the name of, Babs and Jo. (I'm the sensible one taking the photograph. Delilah offered to take photographs of all the 'ladies' and I accidentally told him to press the wrong button, so there isn't one with me in it. Ha!)

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