Monday, 2 February 2009


Did a decent training walk on Saturday with friends. It was really as part of training for a sponsored 23 mile walk along the Dava Way on 20th June this year, but the training I'm going to do for that will prove really useful.

13.9 miles, walking between 2.5 and 3.2 miles per hour.
788ft climb over the first half of the walk.

I was carrying a small rucksac with about 2 litres of water in my bladder, a small amount of food, waterproof trousers, a hat and sundry small items. I wore my Karrimor walking shoes as I don't want to wear the soles of my walking boots by doing too much road work in them. The shoes were fine and I had no rubbing or blisters. In fact, apart from tired legs and slight soreness in the back of my pelvis, I've suffered no after effects and I'm really chuffed!

I now really need to get into the habit of walking everyday, even just for short walks and everyso often, two longer walks on consecutive days. Plenty of time, I'll get there.

Oh, and I really enjoyed it too!


Phreerunner said...

Hi Louise
I notice you've started following Postcard from Timperley, so I've reciprocated.
Sue and I are starting the Challenge from Mallaig this year. Our route has been vetted (whilst we've been in Canada) and I'll be commenting on it in the blog when back in the UK.
Happy to help in any way, and maybe see you in Mallaig - we have yet to book our accommodation there.
Have fun, it's a great event.

Martin Rye said...

Louise good luck on the Challenge. I cant go this year do to family ill health concerns. Ask Martin and check the Forum as well for advice. Lots blogers on the event - so you will be in good company. Looking forward to following your planning and walk.

Louise said...

Ah. For a bear of little brain on a bad day, two Martins could be confusing. Gonna have to concentrate hard.

Thank you for your virtual support, can't believe I'm already so obsessed with this and I haven't even done a crossing yet! I'm glad, however, that we decided to put off our application until next October as I think this will give me a far better chance of being prepared physically and mentally as will as equipped with all the goodies I can find!

I'll keep dipping in and out of all the blogs I've fallen across aswell as nosying on the TGO/Challenge websites.

Happy walking!

Alan Sloman said...

Hi Louise

Just back home after a long weekend with a whole bunch of Challengers in Kingussie - One of which had completed 21 Challenges...

Good luck with the blog and your preparations for the Chally - it's a bit like a trip to Roysotn Vaisey - You'll Never Leave...

I shall add myself to you 'followers' - all the best

Louise said...

Hi Alan
Beginning to feel overwhelmed by the support offered from total stangers. I hope if/when I do this challenge, I get to meet you all. I've spotted a few characters out there in blogging world and it will be interesting to put real people to the fascinating and informative words.
Thank you and I'll keep popping by!

Phreerunner said...

Hi Louise
I've returned to the UK to find that you are doing NEXT year's TGOC rather than this year's, so you really are planning in advance!
Your route up to Braemar looks sensible. After Braemar, you could follow your revised plan, but camp up Allt Darrarie (beyond a small footbridge), then head straight over to the social scene at Tarfside. There's an obvious lower route to Loch Muick (Alan Sloman took that last year); our route over Lochnagar is described in Day 11 of our report:
Good luck
Martin B

Louise said...

Hi Martin
Yep, I know. My eldest daughter (new teen) tells me I'm 'organised', to the point of being scary. I'm not sure if that is true of this adventure, it may be a good mix if wisdom and lack of confidence! I am truely not very experienced and it also takes me ages to get fit, I always manage to find a good excuse to do something else! Hubby is coming on the Challenge with me and is more experienced and knowledgable, but it would be really silly to rely on him totally, so I've given myself lots of time to get a few more longer distance walks and backpacking trips in to improve my confidence!

I'm still really excited though. Long time to be soooo excited...

I keep going back to various peoples reports on their previous routes, yours and Shirley 'Peewiglets' included. I find them all informative and highly addictive.

Thanks again.