Wednesday, 12 January 2011

All sorts of progress

Firstly, did I mention I’ve sent Roger my route? I know I’ve a few weeks before the deadline, but I decided to take the plunge and tweak no more.

This has lead to a surprising progression on the practice pack packing front.

During the route planning, I hit upon a minor inconvenience with regards to bed and breakfast accommodation. I really resented the single person supplement which bumped up the cost to the price for two, so I’ve opted for wild camps or camp sites all the way. This has the advantage of saving money, but there’s always ways to do that.

It seemed fair compensation for having no comfy bed to have a comfortable crossing, in other words, a lighter backpack. Extreme perhaps, but fair.

So, now have a Golite Pinnacle (Womens) in Coriander/Thyme winging it’s way to me from backpackinglight. (With a friend. A lightweight hipflask.)

Me? Impulsive?

A tad.

But it’s all progress!


Mick said...

Well done, Louise - it'll only feel like a week-and-a-half before the start.

The hip flask will come in mighty useful, but don't break into it too early as I did on our last crossing and wished I had kept something for the end.

Gayle and I are looking forward to meeting you (and your hip flask).

Laura said...

Coriander and Thyme - mmm. Sounds delicious.

Louise said...

Hi Mick!
Time is flying by, I need to get the important bits of kit sorted.
It'll be good stuff in the flask by the way, and I'm very good at eeking these things out. Something to do with being in bed early...

Really looking forward to meeting you both too, probably at the bar in Montrose!

Louise said...

Hi Laura!
Sorry I missed you there, I was composing as you posted. Yes, it sounds yummy, but will clash dreadfully with my tent and waterproof. Lucky it's not a fashion show!

Gayle said...

I remember justifying our first thermarests on the basis of 'it's only the same as a couple of nights in a B&B'.

The bonus with the 'camping all the way' plan is that there'll be nothing to stop you opting for a B&B if the opportunity should present itself (maybe at the end of a cold, wet, miserable day (not that there will be any of those on the Challenge this year!)). It's much more annoying to have booked an expensive B&B only to find that there was a fantastic place to camp just up the road, when the weather is being kind.

Louise said...

That was part of the decision making, I must admit. It also allows a little flex with my route. I've a day and a half off planned in Braemar, followed by a short day, so if I'm struggling early on, I can opt for some shorter days, take a day longer and still have half a day in Braemar. If I had B & Bs planned, I'd be a little more tied, or I'd feel pressured. This way, I can really relax into it and do as I please.
In theory...

Alan Sloman said...

Well done Louise - Sounds like an excellent plan to me. That single person B&B supplement is a real swine.
Sometime though you will find other Challengers you can "buddy up" with - especially in the popular spots like Braemar etc - there are always quite a few women walkers who walk on their own to team with.

Louise said...

Hi Alan
It had occured to me that I might hit upon a bit of unexpected comfort that way, fingers crossed!

John J said...

There are some excellent bunkhouses / independent hostels in Challengeland, I've opted for them more than once. Much cheaper than B&B and highly sociable too.

Hmmm, I wonder where your short day from Braemar will take you?!

See you in Scotland!


Louise said...

You think I'm going to Lochcallater Logde! Actually, it's a possibility, but I've deliberately planned a different route 'cos I'm not good at big hills without my trusty sidekick, so I'll see how I'm doing.

See you there, somewhere!